Ghoulies X

Are you ready for the funniest night out of your life? Well here at Ghoulies Haunted House you can get slaughtered in our most excellent Horror themed bar, by knocking back our wide selection of amazing shots and cocktails, before venturing down into our dungeon of terrible pleasures that has been designed to make you squeal with excitement! You will be touched, man-handled, threatened and abused, all in a completely safe and professional way. Our Ghoulies are experts at providing our customers the simulated fear of death experience that Ghoulies Haunted House is now infamous for. You’ll think you are going to be killed and chopped up into tiny little pieces among many other life threatening possibilities. You might even get seperated, not only from your group but also from the rest of your body parts, but don’t worry! We always make sure that we put you back together again. This is the activity that you and your friends will never stop talking about, ever. Strictly over 18’s ONLY BOOK HERE

Friday - Saturday

8pm - 11pm


£15 per person